Monic & Cody's PEI Engagement

July 28th, 2018

PEI Engagement

My first-ever engagement blog - how exciting! Monic and I go way back… I met her when I moved to Prince Edward Island in grade four. We used to catch mice around her farm house and smuggle them into school in our pencil cases. And now, 17 years later, here she is ENGAGED to her very best friend!

Prince Edward Island Engagement

Monic reached out to me when she saw a post I made offering engagement sessions. Since I live in Ontario and she’s back home in PEI, she asked when I would be on the island again to take some shots of her and her beau! I was travelling back to the East coast to shoot my cousin's wedding in July, so we set up a session for the day after the wedding. Living near Lake Ontario is nothing compared to the smell and feeling of the ocean, so I naturally asked if we could shoot on the beach!

My partner Dan and I met Monic, Cody and their pup, Shelby, at Kinlock Beach in Stratford, PEI. The best thing about south shore beaches in PEI is that you can walk for miles when the tide is out and the water is shallow and warm - not to mention all of the picturesque sandbars! We walked for a bit, catching up and leaving behind all of the tourists and their families who came out for an afternoon swim.

First I got some shots of Monic, Cody and Shelby walking up and down the beach, while my partner Dan screamed dad jokes at them: “The price of velcro has gone up and it’s such a rip-off!” Then we climbed up onto some famously red PEI rocks while the dad jokes got more raunchy.

Although making people laugh is my all-time favourite thing to do, I also love capturing some serious, intimate moments during my sessions. This is easy when you ask people to touch foreheads, noses, or just stare into each other’s eyes… until someone licks someone else’s nose.

Next we braved the attack of the hermit crabs to get these gorgeous shots - it was totally worth it.

Then our brave couple decided to climb up a cliff! Meanwhile Shelby waited at the bottom, guarding mom and dad in case of danger (or more hermit crabs).

What we really came for was a new album cover for their band “Shelby and the Shades”.

After an hour of fun, it was time to go. I want to thank Monic and Cody so much for asking me to capture these moments with them, and wish them all the best with their wedding next September!

Kinlock Beach, PEI