Shireen & Jonny's Bronte Park Engagement

September 30th, 2018

Bronte Park Engagement Photographer

I met Shireen and Jonny on a lovely, albeit cloudy, late September afternoon. I had previously shot a maternity session at Bronte Provincial Park, but never an engagement. This couple was up for a nature adventure, so I thought they might be the perfect models for this gorgeous spot! I was totally right.

We started our engagement session in the tall grass and fields, playing with some silly directions and learning a ton about each other. The first thing I asked Shireen and Jonny was “How did you get engaged?” Jonny replied, “I asked her to marry me at the top of a mountain.” Oh! Okay! The bar has been raised! These two are so frikkin’ romantic and adventurous!

After frolicking through the fields and re-enacting Children of the Corn, we made the trek down into the valley of Bronte Park. Despite Shireen’s gorgeous heeled boots - she did not complain or fall once! We found some fallen trees to play on before making our way to Bronte Creek.

The water was chilly, but that didn’t stop these two lovebirds from kicking their boots off and hopping into the water! After their feet had frozen, we took a short break on another log so that Jonny could sing “Baby Shark” into Shireen’s ear.

We climbed back up to end off where we started. Shireen jumped up onto Jonny’s back and they rode off into the sunset… Thank you both so much for allowing me to capture your engagement session at Bronte Park!