Andrew & Heather's Surprise Proposal

Friday, June 1st 2018

Engagement Ring

When Andrew emailed me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would be available to capture his surprise proposal to Heather, I was ecstatic. I have always wanted to be a part of the excitement and romance that comes with a proposal. All I knew before arriving in St. Catherine's that day was that Andrew wanted to propose on the back deck of a gorgeous home he and his family had rented especially for the occasion. Little did I know that Andrew had flown in his and Heather's parents from Scotland, and everyone had a hand in planning the most beautiful proposal I could have imagined.

The decor and attention to detail were remarkable! The huge home was covered inside and out with decorations and banners. Andrew’s mom scattered rose petals along the path Heather would take to the back of the house where huge “MARRY ME” balloons were perfectly situated on the outside wall. The deck, where Andrew was waiting for his future wife, was adorned with heart-shaped candles. He had music playing while Heather turned the corner, already sobbing. Their families hid in the living room, overlooking the yard, with phones and video recorders going strong. I was up on a balcony with a perfect view of Heather's approach. She was not shocked - Andrew had sent her on a scavenger hunt all day, giving her gifts such as getting her hair and nails done.. She was still so overcome with emotion (who wouldn't be?!) at just how perfect the day was turning out to be.

Once Heather reached Andrew, they wrapped each other in a love-filled embrace before Andrew knelt down on one knee to ask the question. It took less than one second for Heather to say yes! Andrew slid the shiniest ring you've ever seen on to Heather's hand, and then signalled up to the balcony where the family came out to greet them. Heather broke into tears of happiness when she realized their families, all the way from Scotland, were there to witness their engagement. Heather and Andrew quickly ran inside and upstairs to see everyone.

Once inside, Heather was greeted with the most loving hugs I have ever witnessed.  Her parents, Andrew's parents, Heather's sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were all over the moon for the newly-engaged couple.. Champagne was immediately popped and everyone joined together for a drink to toast the couple! Homemade food was served while a calm settled over the home. Everyone got Heather up to speed on all the sneaking around they had been doing over the past couple of months; Andrew said "I'm so glad I never have to lie to you again."

Andrew, Heather and I then went back out to get some photos of the couple now that their nerves had calmed. Heather took in all of the details laid out for her, and realized that all of her dreams and wishes had become a reality. I left that house feeling like one of the family and knowing how lucky these two are to have found each other. Thank you so much to Heather & Andrew for letting me a part of this incredible day! I wish them all the luck in the world and know they are going to live out their happily ever after.